Reiki for stress management

WHEN WE FIND OURSELVES constantly moving from one stressful life situation to the next – without the necessary ‘downtime’ to recover in between – we may find that this eventually starts to take its toll on our health.  This may also be the case in situations where we are subjected to long-term stress from a single source, such as illness of a family member or a demanding job. The image below shows some of the negative effects that stress can have on the body:

Stress effects image

(Photo credit: Lifeline)

Conversely, if we make the conscious choice to introduce quality ‘downtime’ into our routine, this can provide the body with some much needed ‘rest & repair’ time.  It is during such periods of deep relaxation that the innate healing abilities of our bodies kick in to restore balance.  If we do this regularly, we are giving our ever resilient bodies the best chance of staving off the potential long-term negative effects of stress.

In my Edinburgh clinics, one of the most commonly reported experiences during Reiki sessions is that of deep relaxation.  Clients often contact me the following day to let me know that they’ve also had a great night’s sleep, or that they have woken up less stressed than they have been in a long time.

I’m so grateful as a Reiki practitioner to be able to support people in this way, with such valuable and tangible outcomes for my clients.  And for those who have taken Reiki training themselves, the beauty is that Reiki is always available thereafter as a means of support – any time, anywhere.

Have you used Reiki for support during stressful times? How do you feel you have benefited? Please feel free to contribute your stories by adding your comments below. You can also join the conversation on our Facebook Page.


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