Care Packages

Reiki-10 croppedOur Care Packages offer savings for those who would like to commit to a series of Reiki sessions.  Care Packages are recommended for those with more serious or chronic conditions, where the best outcomes are normally achieved through a series of Reiki sessions taken in close succession.

They are also recommended for those committed to using Reiki to support their wellbeing on an ongoing basis with monthly, fortnightly or weekly Reiki sessions.

Care Packages currently available at Reiki with Roots clinics include:


For 60 minute sessions

Square image close up black3-block package: £110.00 (save £10.00)

4-block package: £140.00 (save £20.00)

8-block package: £270.00 (save £50.00)

10-block package: £320.00 (save £80.00)


For 90 minute sessions

Square image close up3-block package: £150.00 (save £15.00)

4-block package: £195.00 (save £25.00)

8-block package: £375.00 (save £65.00)

10-block package: £460.00 (save £90.00)


All Care Packages include optional rejuvenating ‘Kekko’ massage (fully clothed) at the end of each session. Care packages are paid for upfront by cash, cheque or PayPal invoice and are non-refundable.  You can schedule all your appointments at the time of booking or you can book each Reiki session as and when you need it (must be used within one year of purchase).

Contact us to arrange a Care Package to suit your needs. 

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