Published Articles

MBG articleMindBodyGreen – ‘The Healing Power of Reiki’, by Elaine Rainey (July, 2012)

– A good introduction to Reiki.  Useful reading if you are thinking of trying Reiki for the first time or if you know of someone who is curious about Reiki.


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Healthy Edinburgh – ‘Traditional Japanese Reiki’ – A Guest Blog by Elaine Rainey MCMA (November 2013)

– Reiki as part of a healthy, natural life in the city.


Stressed overwhelmed article


‘Stressed and overwhelmed? Discover Reiki for self-care, contentment and resilience’, by Elaine Rainey (May, 2013)

– Why I’m so grateful to have Jikiden Reiki in my life for support during stressful times.




Mainstreaming Reiki‘Mainstreaming Reiki – Lessons from the mindfulness movement’, by Elaine Rainey (January, 2013)

– A proposed route map for mainstreaming Reiki, based on techniques employed by the mindfulness movement.


Mikao Usui's Legacy‘Mikao Usui’s Legacy: Healing the world one person at a time’, by Elaine Rainey (April, 2012)

– A lesson in limits for Reiki practitioners.