Seeking healing: Have we got the right approach?

The Healing Power of Reiki image copyright RWRWhen faced with a health challenge, our first thoughts might be “Okay, how do I to fix this? What’s the solution?”. This outcome-focused approach might bring relief in the short-term but it may not necessarily touch on the underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to resolve the issue in the long-term.

What if we were to shift our perspective away from the fixing and towards the path of healing? If we were to focus more on the quality of the route rather than the final destination, what might that look like? Would our solutions be different?

Here’s what Deena Metzger has to say on this subject:

Soon we learn that praying for healing is not exactly the right prayer. The right prayer is more likely to be: Please show me the way of healing. Show me the healing path. Now we are closer to the possibility of healing. Healing becoming a way of life, not a single event. A way of life that affects others. And what might the healing path be? A path in alignment with Spirit. Rather than asking the Divine to extend a boon to us, we find ourselves asking to live according to Divine precepts that are beneficial for the whole, in such a way that benefits all beings. This turns out to be the way of our healing. We have started to heal our lives so that our lives can heal us.

There is a shift in perspective here, a subtle but profound difference in our approach to healing. For me, this describes the Reiki approach perfectly – Reiki runs deep through body, mind and soul, aligning us with a way of being that fits us ‘just right’. This approach may take time, progress may not always appear linear and the healing may take a different form than expected. But in my experience, it is always worth it.

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