First Class Service

Square image close up black“I had never been to Reiki session before I went to Reiki with Roots with Elaine. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a bit nervous. From entering the clinic through to the end the whole experience was fantastic. Elaine is very friendly and puts you at ease. Highly professional service that I would highly recommend. The session left me feeling relaxed and a lot less stressed than I have been in a long time. I’m eagerly looking forward to my future sessions. If you’ve ever thought about Reiki but have held back, contact Elaine – top notch service and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.”

Jessica Thomson

Relief from blocked sinuses

Square image close up“I had been suffering for a few days from debilitating headaches and pain around my nose and into my face, caused by blocked sinuses. Elaine suggested a Reiki session to see if it might help. During the first session, I felt sensations of ‘pressure’ and thenmovement‘ around the sinus area. To my surprise, the headache eased off significantly after the first session. We continued with the Reiki sessions for a couple more days, after which the headaches and pain around my sinuses had completely gone.”

Jennifer Rainey

Pregnancy, birth and beyond

Square image whole view“Reiki with Roots helped me throughout my pregnancy, daughter’s birth, and helps me now to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the help and support Reiki with Roots has given me.” 

~ Kate Ellix 

Keeping healthy with Reiki

“It is Elaine’s natural skills and training, her keen ability to perceive the blockage points and her compassionate healing hands that help support my body’s own self-healing abilities.” 

~ R Macinnes