When the going gets tough, call upon your Jikiden Reiki training!

Roots at Mt Kurama

Roots at Mt Kurama, Kyoto, Japan (Photo: D-A. Champion)

During this past year, I’ve been moving through a difficult (but necessary) period of transition in my life as I’ve been birthing some exciting new projects into the world.  You know that feeling, right?  When you know you need to move through it all and you know it will be worth it, but – still – when you’re right in the thick of it, it sometimes just sucks.

With the best of will (and skill) in such times, there will always be factors outside of ourselves that we can neither predict nor control – things not quite working out as expected, certain parts of a project taking longer to put in place than you’d initially planned for.  Whilst contemplating this, it struck me that the only part of the equation over which I had true control during this time of transition was the ‘me’ part.  If I was going to be having a tough time of it, potentially for an extended period of time, I might as well be in the best possible shape to handle it – physically, mentally and emotionally.

With the realisation that bringing the best of myself to the table was going to be an important factor in seeing my projects through to fruition, I started turning to the things that I had in my tool-kit to support myself – the things I always call upon to help me function optimally in body, mind and soul.

One of these things was (of course!) my Jikiden Reiki training.  I started to delve back into my Jikiden Reiki training manual; reading the Meiji Emperor’s uplifting Gyosei (Japanese style Waka poems) and re-reading the notes I have made during Jikiden Reiki seminars.

When reciting the Gokai (Five Principles) as part of my daily morning practice, each principle started to take on a whole new level of meaning as I contemplated how it related to my current situation.  As a result, a deeper level of commitment to living out the Gokai developed in my heart.  For example, instead of feeling ‘fed up’ that things weren’t going my way, and inspired by the fourth principle Gyo-hageme (Do your duties fully), I began to focus on the small things that I could do each day to make things better.  This included practical things (like keeping my house and office in order!), but also a renewed commitment to the small, simple daily practices that support my body and mind.

One such practice has been a specific sitting meditation technique that we learn in Jikiden Reiki seminars, the purpose of which is to purify the mind and to bring harmony within.  I’ve been setting the alarm for short periods at a time to undertake this simple yet transformative practice.  I’ve noticed that I am much more centred on days when I commit even a small amount of time to this practice.  I’ve noticed physical improvements too – I seem to be breathing more deeply, but with less effort. I am also more connected with my daily yoga practice, moving more deeply into poses and into the full practice, again with less effort.

When I mention my Reiki practice or Reiki training to others, they often think I am referring solely to the hands-on treatment method.  Whilst this is such an important aspect of our Reiki training (and of our offering to others as Reiki practitioners), it is not the only part.  Mikao Usui, the Founder of the system of Reiki, was aware that we cannot have a healthy body without having a healthy mind, so he gave us various tools to help support and transform both.  Jikiden Reiki training is really more like a lifelong tool-kit!

One of my clients describes life as a path containing many ups and downs, most of which we can manage to navigate through with relative ease. But occasionally, he adds, we come up against an almighty crater on our path.  And the trick, he says, is to take care – doing what we can – to side-step the crater, so that we don’t fall in and become lost in it.  I find this analogy so fitting, it describes exactly what my Jikiden Reiki training is bringing to my life at the minute – the ability support my whole self, as I side-step the crater.  With Jikiden Reiki in my life during tough times, I have an accessible means of getting back to my ‘deep peace’ – the strong and solid core that assures me that I’ll get past the crater to the other side, every time.

Some days, it’s not about passion and courage. It’s not about heroism and drama. It’s not about slaying dragons or conjuring exotic visions. Some days, it’s not about transcendence or transformation, not about being better than anyone who came before you. Some days, it’s simply about delicious acts of doing simple things, simply. (Jack Ricchiuto)


(I hope you enjoyed reading this story about my personal journey with Jikiden Reiki.  This is just one example of how my Jikiden Reiki training has helped me.  You will find other examples in my blog and within my published articles.  If you would like to find out more about what Jikiden Reiki training can offer you, I’ve put together some information on the Training section of this website. Thanks for reading, Elaine Rainey.)